My iPhone 5 (15/12/2012)

It seems that the only time I ever care about this blog is when I purchase a new Apple product, which unfortunately, doesn't happen quite often. But here I am again.
The iPhone 5 was launched in Brazil yesterday (friday, 14th) and today I was able to purchase one (they're way too expensive over here, I even had to pay more than what others did to get my hands on this one). I'm so excited and pleased with it already. I've been cherishing this moment since the first gen.



Finally bought it!

It's been a few months that I've been having this gigantic desire of buying an iPad and yesterday I just couldn't take it anymore, went out for a brave iPad hunting w/ my parents. Ended up buying from an authorized Apple reseller in the mall. Bought the 32Gb Wi-fi model, which was the one I always wanted. Words can't express how pleased I am with it. Thanks mom and dad, thanks Apple. :P




hey you guys, i'm so happy right now! this week was so awesome
I <3 my iMac april 22 was one of the best days of my life! i mean it! _MG_7852edit1MAN _MG_7852edit1MAN